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Uniform shop

It is expected that students wear the school uniform unless it is a designated ‘free dress’ day. Uniforms are available from the school uniform shop please contact us​​​​Our uniform policy is supported by the school’s P&C association.

Dress code

​The wearing of the school uniform is preferred

Uniforms promote a school spirit and create self esteem. In the long term, uniforms are much cheaper than trying to keep up with the latest fashions which can change every year.  

Sunsafe hat

In our climate hats are a necessity. The daily wearing of sunsafe hats to school is encouraged. A sunsafe hat is either a legionnaires cap or an all round brim hat. A standard cap is not sunsafe. Students without sunsafe hats will often be unable to participate in sports or physical education and will not be permitted to play outdoors during lunch times.   


Footwear colour is not prescribed but predominantly black or white is preferred. Closed shoes must be worn. Thongs and sandals are not permitted. Tagged or spiked shoes should not be worn for sports events or on any other occasion. 


Tattoos and false tattoos are not permitted at school. 

Body piercings

There should be no visible body piercings other than stud earrings. Face studs are not permitted. 

Hair style

The hair should be styled in a neat and respectable manner. Coloured hair or outrageous styles are not permitted. Mohawk style cuts are not permitted. The Mount Warren Park State School community does not support track and design hair cuts at the school.  ​


The wearing of jewellery is discouraged at school. To assist you with this policy we have come up with the following more specific guidelines: 

  • Children may wear studs or sleepers in their ears but not dangling earrings. 
  • Children may wear a signet ring as long as it doesn’t protrude dangerously. 
  • Religious symbols (e.g.​ necklaces) may be worn if parents give written permission but must be worn under the school uniform. 
  • Bracelets, key chains and nail polish are not permitted.​

Free dress rules

Clothes on free dress days should not contain offensive language or graphics. Shoulder strap clothing is not permitted. The full torso must be covered including the midriff area. Neat and respectable clothing should be worn. 

Uniform shop times

Monday: 8.00 am to 9.00 am 

Tuesday: closed

Wednesday: 8.00 am to 9.00 am and 2.15 pm to 3.15 pm

Thursday: closed 

Friday: 8.00 am to 9.00 am

Uniform shop convenor

We appreciate your custom, as all profits from uniform sales contribute to the improvement of your child’s school. We accept cash and have EFTPOS facilities, and you can pay with credit card details over the phone too. We cannot accept cheques.​